Letting go by David R. Hawkins

Do you still hold-on on something ???? Have some insight on how to let things go ~




Went with this book after “The power of now “, a main concept inside is “let go”, surrender to the feeling and this book dive even deeper on this concept.


It start by addressing when we face negative emotions, we are not finding the “answer “, which we should focus to un-do the basis of the problem.


There are 3 way we handle our feeling:

  1. Suppression
  2. Expression

3, Escape (avoidance)


Which is not the optimum solution to handle our emotion.


Source of Stress is from internal, the more fear we have inside, the more perception to the world is fear.


How letting go works? By aware of the feeling, let it come up, stay with it and run its course without want to do something. “Its OK if it happen, and its OK if doesn’t”


The book then go on to describe our emotion. Emotion is a method of survival – fight of flight response. a method to become clear under emotion is ask our-self “ What for ?”.


Everything emit energy, Positive energy include: Peace / joy / Love / Reason / Acceptance / Willingness / Neutrality


Neutral Energy: Courage


Negative Energy: Pride / Anger / Desire / Fear / Grief /Apathy / Guilt / Shame


How we handle the past? Create different context, take the hidden gift on it. Imagine whatever happen in the past just a present is, we unwrap the present, get it and throw away the wrapping paper. We sometimes have “shadow” in our unconscious mind, that the feeling we don’t want to save. Acknowledge the shadow and answer it with “so what?”


When we have negative emotion like anger, hatred, self-pity and resentment, we have little cheap payoff like littler inner satisfaction.


The author then go under different negative energy and go further:


Apathy : Belief of “i can’t”, is a lack of life energy, when we say i can’t ,think is it i wont, then think is it means “i am afraid to” / “ i am ashamed to “. Let it go and move to courage. At state of apathy ask our-self – what we trying to prove? Is that really a hopeless world? Life really sucks? and what price are we willing to pay that we are “right”?


Grief: The belief that we think its too difficult, we will never make it with feeling of sadness and lonely. Grief is time-limited. Just accept it, let go of shame / embarrassment then lets the feeling come up, wait for peace and our masculinity change. More loving create less vulnerable to grief and less to seek attachment. Ask our-self “If their happiness is best by leaving me, how would i feel?”


Fear: What one held in mind tend to manifest, higher vibration like love can heal lower vibration energy like fear. Look inside and accept this feeling. We all have collective unconscious that everybody had same thoughts and fantasies. Replace fear with love, if you fear of death> Love your body, if you fear of losing of your job, love your job and did it better!


Desire: Feeling of never enough, must have something/someone. A main different between “Desire” and “want” is “desire” is telegraphing i don’t have = it isn’t mine. It actually blocking us “having it”. There are 3 states of “having”, “doing”, and “being“. Understand concept of “glamorization”, there are aura around the subject we want > after we want it we might even feel disappointment after the aura is gone. Ask our-self “What is the person i want to be”, surrender all negative feeling and blockage, always try to be in state of “being “. Small-self of us will always glorified how miserable life is, how tough luck is and we tend to feel bad and we have success.


Anger: I have to say i am a bit surprised when the book describe “anger” is not really that bad. as it fill with energy, we can move from anger to pride to courage and make a change. However if our source of pride is self-sacrifice, it create pressure to other person and we should first acknowledge others value.


Pride: Pride is a feeling of lack of love, what state of pride increase, our vulnerability of fear increase. “Defensive invite attack”, if we always being defensive on everything we just feel like getting more attack. We feel prideful when not comfort to others, it fill with sense of inadequacy and valueless. Try to use “joy” to replace pride, pride is a desire of recognition which is vulnerable to anger and disappointment. Always keep a “beginner mind”, not possess all the fact.


Courage: Courage is a neutral energy source and we all pass through courage from negative to more positive energy. The first step of courage is willingness to look at the lower energy, simply by doing that we raise our courage. We can then try to have a healthy personality: Work / play / Love / Spiritually.


Acceptance: A feeling of harmony. When we desire someone that “in love “is our source of happiness however when we “accept “, the love radiate out. Since our need for sure is met we focus the happiness of others and no need to “get “anything from others. We always start to responsible of our own conscious.


Love: That is the state of being, energy is silently spread out, and more we love the more we can love.


What is Stress? Stress is not from external stimulate but the primary source is our suppressed emotion. Stress is fuel by all real and imaginary threat, by change of conscious we can reduce our stress. Body always obey our mind.

With the conclusion of the book, author suggest “stop looking for answer “, look what is the feeling within the question, and surrender our expectation, just picture the best possible outcome. When we in cycle of envy / dissatisfaction, always look within our-self.

Overall i like the book to describe different emotion with energy level and how we can practically move from negative to positive energy. Main idea is still don’t resist what we feel, accept and be present.

Check out the full content :  9781401945015


More work by Dr. David R. Hawkins

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