No excuse by Brain Tracy

What new excuse did you say / hear today ??



Great book with many technique to train self-discipline and how self-discipline affect different aspect of our life.


Self-Discipline is an ability to do what you should do when you should do NO MATTER WANT OR NOT


Long term thinking include sacrifice and short terms only want pleasure.


How can we develop our character? Study what value you admire and program those value into subconscious.


We can do by emulate people i admire, if one afternoon who want you spend time with no matter live or dead, then think about – WHY he/she want to spend time with you ?


We can practice value we respected and developing them by repetition.


During a difficult situation – ask this question: What is important here?


Best way to eliminate negative is “i am responsible”. Don’t allow the angry/unhappy in the past affect the present.


Relationship between discipline and goal. Goal <> Hope (not strategy of success) <> Wish (goal with no energy)


Writing down our goal is a good habit as this is a psycho-neuro-motor activity. Human are purpose driven. Below is a 7step method we can use to visualize our goal


  1. Thank exactly what you want
  2. Write it down
  3. When is the deadline for goal
  4. List of everything i can do to achieve that goal (obstacles / what still need to do / people I need to see)
  5. Organize the list with sequence and determine priority
  6. Take massive action on the plan
  7. Do something daily to move you into that direction.


Another exercise can be used is “Ten goal exercise “ by writing 10 goal we want to accomplish in the next 12 months, then select 1 goal and brainstorm 20 answer to achieve that goal.


Self-discipline and personnel excellence, what got you here won’t get your further, always ready to learn new things and upgrade the skill-set. 3% rule is always invest 3% of your income for improvement.


3 Step to become best in your job –

  1. Read 60min on your field
  2. Listen audio book in your car
  3. Attend course/conference, the more you learn the more you can learnt.


Self-discipline and fear, when we first born we have no fear, we learn fear when we grow up, thus fear can be unlearned. One way is fake it till you make it, the 2 main element of courage is “Launch + staying power “. Persistence is self-discipline and optimism to provide boundless confidence in yourself. Take every fail in our life as “I am responsible for all this – what lesson i got from there?


Self-discipline and work. Always do more on what you pay for, do it fast, and work at work.

Self-discipline and business: Concept of author introduce is “Scarcity” – never enough of anything for everyone, others always improving – what about you?? However i have been conditioned myself in abundance – always endless customer and opportunities so i don’t stress out myself, however this are the approach author suggest we can select which one we are more relied. Customer satisfaction is easy to measure in if there any repeat business. Always keep the sales funnel full and get better at each stage of the sales process. Always act as something is watching you and continuous learning.


Most of the financial problem can be solved by self-discipline, self-mastery and self-control. By law of accumulation” every great achievement is accumulation of many small achievement.”

Time management – Set priories and stick to them, below is a time management system suggested. We can classified our daily task into


B – Mild consequence if do

C: No consequence /

D: Delegate/

E: Eliminate


Self-discipline and happiness: Happiness is a byproduct of we engage in something we like, main element we should look after is 1. Health / Energy 2. Relationship 3. Meaningful work 4.Financial independence 5. Self-actualization


Discipline of listening: 1. Listen attentively – affection (total attention) 2.Pause before replying 3. Ask for clarification 4. Feedback


We always deep down want to prove our-self RIGHT. However ask our-self “You want to be right or be happy? Give up this obsession of being right and “suffering “, don’t caught up in this guilty pleasure and entitled to be sad / anger .

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More motivational / business material from Brain Tracy

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