Steal like an artist by Austin Kleon

Is your muse calling or just a devilish copycat ?




A book about how to inject some more creativity in our life. The title sounds funny of stealing but that’s the concept of this book “nothing really new, we just develop/evolving existing idea to a “new” idea.


Its start by stating we are the mashup of what we choose, so we should carefully choose the idea that influence us, we are the average of the 5 people we hang out with, be careful with what influencing you

Fake it till you make it? Act like if you have it already and by RAS we will find a way to match our identity

Copy your idol – Think about who to copy? What to copy? Don’t copy the superficial layer, go deeper, what is the thing behind the style? GO for the cause not the effect. Amplify the different between what you doing and your idol is doing is our uniqueness! That’s how we bring our “real-self” out.


Try to draw the art you want to see, write the book you want to read, write the article you want to research! Be your own creator and going thru the motion

Practice pro-active procrastination: Tried to do project A? Jump into project B!!! Tried to do project B? Go back again Project A


Enjoy the moment when no one care / know your work, its zero pressure, enjoy the freedom and do the experiment, taste the obscurity


Open up – Invite people in – more feedback no matter good and bad provide material for you to build on


Make your brain UN-comfortable! Discomfort is the new comfort zone, constant move and shock your brain generate new idea


Make more friend, ignore enemy especially on the internet, and don’t waste time to win some meaningless argument.


Keep a praise file, use it when you need to lift but make sure don’t live in the past glory!


Day job is good, it provide you a rigid routine foundation (sure with pay check), and then we can build our life around it.


Want to keep track on the action to take to achieve our goal? Jerry Seinfeld have this method “Mark a X on a wall calendar – the only goal is – don’t let the chain break!”


Overall i love this book, its light-hearted desperate the fact that the idea is not really new but still reinforcing how we should constant move to dis-comfort and our insecurity of when we start everything we just copy our idol and slowly develop our own style.





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