The Pathwork of self-transformation by Eva Pierrakos

Are you enough ??? What can you do make yourself feel enough ?



The book start with pointing out we always think we are not enough, so we build an image (ideal person) and hope our-self can be “that guy”. Imagine there are 3 circles with same center, inner side is high-self, then lower-self, and the outside layer is mask-self.


As a child, we are always required to be good, holy and PREFECT or else we got punished. Self-accept is us to take responsibility of short-coming. The more energy we put in to maintain the “ideal-self”, the more energy drawn from our being. The real-self of us should accept I’m-prefect.


One of the favorite concept i love is “dualistic” and “unified”. Dualistic is everything only got 2 side -good/bad, right/wrong, 0/1, and unified is everything “only good” / only “life” and only “right”, it’s a combination of 2 pole.


There are 3 forces in the Universe – Love / Eros / Sex. Eros come and go easy, it’s a bridge to true Love, while Love is not random. The Ideal partnership of love should be EROS + Love + Sex. Eros is adventurous, search in other soul, when you find “everything “, Eros will leave. It’s so common when we have this illusion that we 100% know someone and we start to lose Eros.

The book also touch some area in emotions. with combination of physical + mental + emotion we can feel. Our primary goal is happiness, secondary goal is to avoid unhappy. If we only focus in withdraw pain = withdraw happiness = withdraw experience. Allow our-self to make mistake is to allow our mental grow.


There are real and false needs. Real need never “comply” and “give it to you”. Let go of the need of fulfill of unreal need. Horrible mindset of “life must give me this “/ “I must have this “, if u ever express this voice and recognize it. Let go of something who give you “fulfillment”, let go of fear / anger give room for good feeling.


Life crisis – we have to shake old / wrong habit and give new growth. Take that as a process of tear down and build up


Resist change = resist life as life is continue changing. Ask yourself? What have u see? What u don’t want to change?


One of my favorite content i love this book is “Desire” and “Desireness”. Again it relate back to the “dualistic” thinking at the beginning part. U either “want everything “or “want nothing “. Why not have a prefect fix??My favorite quote is “If is OK of not having it now, i trust myself and i will have it someday.”


Overall the book is “OK”, not the best spiritual book i have read and the concept of self-esteem, state of being is something i have recently read so i sort of think the content is more or less the same material i am reading recently.

Check it out TODAY > 9780553348965


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