The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

<I can lend you a magic sword to slaughter your procrastination >



I always think the title of the book is the Art of war and the author try to use this Sun-Zhu best tactics book from China to have a war with resistance. After finish the preface i know 2 books are absolutely unrelated but since I am in the coffee shop already, why not give it a shot?


The book is actually mainly for artist that want to have some artistic creation but often time instead of writing / painting, we face serious resistance and do nothing.


The book start by introducing concept of “Resistance”. It prevent us doing what we want, be the person we want our self to be. Resistance is self-generate and like a force of nature. However it is good to use resistance act as a compass or indicator, to find out what we really want in life. Resistance is mainly fueled by FEAR, fear is also a good indicator to see how strong is the resistance, the stronger the fear the stronger the resistance.


Resistance might also recruit allies, have you start a new habit or stop a habit and people around you start saying “you change “, or “why you doing that?” They might do it unconsciously as their resistance is being provoked and they try to protect their existence in others body.


Procrastination is a form of resistance. It could become a habit “let’s do it tomorrow / I am tired / now is too late / not today “. Don’t try to seek support from others, as in six pillar of self-esteem (see previous post). No-one is coming. Your friend and family can only wave at you from the dockyard when they see the ship sinking. Rationalization is also a form of resistance, it give you all the best reason in the world to justify you not taking action.


Resistance kill professional by “overambitious” and “unrealistic timetable”. Think and act like a professional by

  1. Armed with patience, and keep our self from flaming out

2 Know we can never overcome fear, we can only get out of it by taking action

  1. Prepare to confront your self-sabotage talk or action
  2. Ask for help, always be humble
  3. Don’t identify with instrument, access it casually, objectively
  4. Don’t take rejection / success personally.
  5. Humiliation is equal to rejection, can’t take it personally, and endure the adversity, be core of bullet-proof.
  6. Professional cannot let other actions define his reality
  7. Think myself as a “INC, it create perspective, less subjective and we need to do what we need to do to make the best interest for the company.


How to turn our self as a pro? It take 2 second include view yourself as a pro, and do it like a pro.


The best quote of the book I love is “It’s better to be in arena, stomped by the bull than to be up in stands or out in parking lot”. Don’t think about comfortable life hereafter, hassle and focus on the process.


Where is our territory? Territory provide

  1. Substance
  2. Closed loop feedback for input and output
  3. Claimed alone
  4. Claimed by work
  5. Return exactly what you put in, its fair , the more you output the more you can get in return.


Who is the best warrior?? The warrior who contempt for death and living in present, focus on his target and take action.


The last concept the author provide is “Artist is not the creation, they facilitate and carry the message of muses”. As a trader I can relate into I facilitate my company value and carry my professional knowledge. This concept is good to take out our ego and the “me me me me me” in our life but focus in the real substance behind


Overall I think it’s a really good book, the book is a relatively short and believe can finish in 1 days as some chapter might contain few sentence just to illustrate one point.

KILL YOUR PROCRASTINATION TODAY >>>>>>>>>>>>> 9781936891023

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