The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy

An awesome book about sales letter / email which i focus a lot on cold calling, face to face sales and this is officially the first book I ever read about the marketing material I ever sent in my sales career.


There are few mindset to have before learning successful sales letter


  1. Don’t intruded by writing
  2. Value your understanding to your business
  3. Organize reference in a file
  4. Think “selling “, sales letter is a sales presentation in ad format
  5. Write it
  6. Avoid perfection


The more you write, the easier it will get.


How to start:

  1. Get into the customer: Think about what keep your customer awake, what they afraid of, what they angry in and the daily top 3 of their frustration.
  2. What is the trend of the business? Secret desire? Build in bias / language, how other fail to sell similar product?

Address their priorities – features vs. benefits / How to make it important / valuable / beneficial to the receipt.


Grabber : Object that attached to sales letter


When mail to sell direct, good to include:

  1. Testimonials,
  2. PHOTO > drawing,
  3. Prove the products is easy to use


People might get angry when “trick” to read your material ? Gotta break a few eggs to make an omelet.


Price on the letter

  1. Problem > Agitation > Solution
  2. Fortune Telling


How to add sales pressure


All successful sales by nature and necessary manipulative, must apply pressure to get decision and action

  1. Intimidation
  2. Demonstrate ROI – sell money at discount
  3. Ego appeals
  4. Guarantee
  5. Story Teller

Since we are writing to buyer , not non-buyer, it’s OK to write longer as its counter-productive to try to cater for “majority “


Strategic re-writing

  1. Frustrate the English teacher

Read like we “talk “ then write , imagine how chubby a kid act when he tell you something excited. Internal repetition: Straightforward / example / story / testimonial / quote from customer / summary.

  1. Move your reader along “yes” sequence.
  2. Tease reader at end of each page to keep them interested.


Rewrite for style

– Readability: First paragraph: sell the receipt reading the letter

Handle Objection: by FAQ / by story telling

How to spark immediate effect: 1. Limited availability / 2. Premium / 3. Deadlines / 4. Multiple Premium / 5. Discount for fast response, penalty for slow response / 6. Ease of responses.



More from the Author :Dan S Kennedy


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