The Education of Millionaires by Michael Ellsberg

University Graduated = Success??


According to the author – BIG FAT LIE! You need real world skill, capacities and the right mindset to succeed in the real world.


The definition of success define by author as “Maximize chances of professional success in any economic circumstances. Education is NOT equal to academic excellence.


We are constantly ranging our-self form safety to heroism, people love “known” more than “unknown” and people love to stay in old status. We constantly facing 2 path, one is the risk path, the down side is “ALL IN”, the other is a safe path, which the down side is “What if”.


What is a decision before we make one? Decision mean cut off / kill, kill off other option or other through, to decide to go the path we want. “What risk are you taking by not making decision? “


There is many similarity between entrepreneurial and dating, like 1st die doesn’t mean the 99th will die! The feeling of financial / emotion loss is decrease! And we can always keep trying!


Way to get mentor: Think about what you can give! Zero expectation of “return”. Use your connection capital (include existing connection, and ability to give advice on

  1. Money
  2. Health

3 relationship),


Help people get what they want and flow with abundance.


Learn Marketing: from a passive follower to create your own path. The basic of marketing can be start as “what they want “? – “what they need?”. There is a form of marketing called “Direct -response “Marketing which get into prospect head and talk about the strongest want / need. You can learn marketing by sign up a email address and subscript diff marketing course and see which style can “fit” you.


Learn Sales: Faster you fail, more you going to learn, increase your numbers of rejection! Skill of success include marketing, sales and leadership (change heart / mind of other people by influence, not control)


Invest for Success: Bootstrapping – get to point of profitability asap by keep expenses low and re-invest. Don’t try to be prefect, we are conditioned of not making mistake, go out try stuff, make mistake!


Build your own brand: “What they think of when they heard your name?”


5minutes rule: Don’t be negative for more than 5 minutes, snap back into action taking mode about crying alone

Overall I think it’s a constant debate between street smart and book smart, we see success and failure in both group. So that means? Going to Uni or Quitting Uni is not the key of whether u can success or not – but the action you take after you make the decision. Do you like a leaf in the wind or you work your ass off to move towards your goal? Knowledge no matter where you learn is knowledge, however even you got the best knowledge in the world if you just lock it into the drawer is still useless. Apply it, make mistake, laugh at yourself and build your own empire!

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