Mastery by Robert Greene

Another secret of efficient practice


There are 3 phrases to master a skill-set , Student >> Practice >> Mastery.


Mastery is combination of instinctive and rational, conscious and unconscious, human and animal nature.


Human have mirror neutrons , Both do or see we have the same feelings. By doing our-self and observing others to do it we can learn.


Consider what time mean to you, is that your friend ? that allow you to follow the process and become mastery or you are a slave of time ? u stuck somewhere in your life , feeling weak and trapped.


People can always improve their brain thru action in life.


How could we look for life task? Thru 1. Childhood – what is your favorite activity / thing when you are kid? 2. Culture- what culture really draw you in ?


Don’t abandon the skill you already acquired even at present you can’t use it, apply it in a new way.


3 Phrase of Apprenticeship

  1. Passive (deep observation)
  2. Skill acquisition (practice mode) – try and error, make mistake
  3. Experimentation (active mode) – try out new thing and bring your own realness combine with the skill.


During the apprenticeship, value the learning experience more than money, expand your horizon, never feel superior that you above the process, trust the process, move toward resistance and pain , by your own worst critic, appreciate your own failure, you never do , never learn. hit you deep in the face that you have to learn it. Always combine “how” + “what”, willingness to go trial and error.


There will always be people know more than us, that’s is becos of time and experience but not they are more “talent” than us.


Acquire social intelligence, there are special and general knowledge to human nature. Learn that will make your learning process much easier.


7 Deadly sin for changes in social group: 1. Envy – comparison 2. Confrontation 3. Rigidity -hold on of old idea 4. Self-obsessiveness, own care the self-interest. 5. Laziness – people just steal your idea 6. Flightiness – detachment from people shifting emotion 7. Passive aggression.

Always maintain original mind – Not thru word from others but your own experience, always receptive to new information.


Don’t have negative capacity, abandon ego, beware of confirmation bias – you have an “confirmation” and keep looking for evidence to prove. Although we can use it in a good way to make us in a upward spiral.


Idea >> Model >> Prototypes > Object.


Apartment from looking for what happened and dissect into it, Look for negative cue – what should have happen but did not?


Emphasis on the overall experience but not on small parts of it.


In conclusion: Mastery is Time + Focus + knowledge + Primal power / Supreme focus / fingertip feel / Life force!

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