The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

Are you good enough ??

4 agreementWhen we arrive to this world ,we are raise and teach with a belief system that not upon our choice. This is good, this is bad, listen to the teacher, don’t run around etc. When we are kid, we know there are 2 role : Judge and victim and not surprisingly, we are that 2 role too, we sometimes judge everyone / everybody, but also think “i am not enough”. Everything that against the book of law give us fear.

Human is the only species that will pay 1000times for 1 mistakes as – we have memory. We are so fear to live by other people point of view, the fear of not accepted / not good enough everyday. WE are the biggest abuser of ourselves. First, we have an image of to be prefect, then we have self-rejection, and self-abuse

First agreement : Impeccable with your word

Action provide reaction, Love leads to Love, Insult leads to insult. use the energy of word in direction of truth and love. Make statement only from good intention and authenticity, say things you REALLY mean.

Second agreement : Don’t take ANYTHING personally

When we think of personal importance, we might start thing take things personally will lead to fear of selfishness as everything about “ME”. There are so many variable in the world and we cant be accountable by anything happen around us. (However i would like to make a twist here ” I also want you to take EVERYTHING your responsibility as you are the only reason that’s things happen FOR you now.” what that means ? If bad things happen to you ? Don’t take it personally but take FULL responsibility on the incident and focus on what does it happen FOR you, what lesson you get out form the thing ?and what is your focus ? what is your next action?) #TONYROBBINS

Third agreement : Don’t make assumption

Human mind see what we want to see, hear what we want to hear, we assume everyone see things as we do, we are the “common sense”. The reason for fear of rejection, self-judgement is exactly the same as what we do to other people. Find one day, stop making assumptions with your partner / everyone around you, everybody has their RIGHT to say yes/no , you only have the right to ask , and that’s all. We could spend ALL the time in the world to gather information, calculation to make us ready, but that will never be “enough” information. Information is the seed in the mind, what make a different is the ACTION. Take the action over/over again to strengthen your will, nurtures the seed and allows it to grow.

4th agreement : Always do your best

Your best sometimes is high quality, other time not as good, however regardless of quality, keep doing your best. As long as you do your best, you have NO WAY to judge yourself, which means no need to suffer from guilt / blame/ self-punishment. Do your best is taking the action as you love it, not because expecting a reward, process orientated over result orientated. Be ware and learn from the mistakes, practice, look honesty at the result, and FUCKING crush it.

How can we break the old agreement ? like the old habit?

Young children not afraid to express what they feel, what changes us ? Responsibility, we have too many “role” to be played and we have to be an “adult”. However, as a adult also means take self-responsibility and be honest to yourself. Stop trying to be people pleaser and time to stop do things to please / accepted by other people. Imagine there is a parasite in your head, and its a monster with thousand heads, each head is a fear, by face each fear we gain our own freedom one in a time. By gaining control of our own emotion, we don’t feel the parasite anymore.

Imagine if you are DEAD, just a symbol-ed death without harming the physical body, will you still do the same things as you doing now ?

Change your old belief by focus your attention, by aware the fog in your mind and develop awareness of all the self-limiting, fear based belief, and make a decision to live by the 4 agreements and gaining control of your own happiness.

Until next time

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More work from the author: Don Miguel Ruiz





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