Meeting the Shadow by Connie Zweig / Jeremiah Abrams

Should we draw energy from the dark side ?

Meeting the shadow

An interesting book which include roughly 65 articles from different author to talk about what is the dark side of human being, there are few articles seriously bit out of my understanding and below i will try to include those i can relate

To start with , we all have personal shadow, when we are kid, we have a ideal personality, we are polite, generous, hardworking, never fight with other kids and we bury in those qualities that doesn’t fit in the self-image. Whatever”Good ” part , it feed in our ego, when its “bad”, we hide it in our shadow. We often see shadow of other people as its safer to observe it.

There are few ways we can try to meet the shadow

  1. Exaggerated feeling about others
  2. Negative friend from other who see as our mirror
  3. Interaction in we have trouble related in certain people
  4. Impulsive act
  5. Thins that we feel humiliated
  6. Exaggerated anger

The range of what we think and do is limited by what we fail to notice.

In other to travel inwards, we could

  1. Get feedback from others
  2. uncover the content of projection – examine what we dislike in other people
  3. examine our slip of tongue
  4. consider our humor
  5. study our dreams

Basically most of us is combine by 3 selves

the lost self ( parts of you had to repress due to society) + false-self (front you created to fill the void by repression) + disowned self ( negative part of you that false self that being denial)

In spiritual teaching, its often a saying of “get our of your head, get into the body”, for example, a good way to shine through the scream of thinking is countering your breathe, we could bring the body of of shadow as a primary tool. When we use the body as a tool to locate the shadow, it represent body as amour-ed, express of what is repressed by ego. according to Matthew 5:39: Do not resist evil. Let us examine this. As the resistance itself is evil.

As a deep learners, we should mine the shadow’s rich potential , learn from disappointment,failure and pain. “When you are climbing your mountain, there are other mountain, keep an eye on the next peak , use the valley between to recover.”. Use your fault, adapt the way of working that tendencies. Ask our-self the following questions:

  1. Do you have work-habit that you suppressed to be “like others ?”
  2. Do you have personal traits, through were wrong and try to hide ?
  3. Have you stop achieve something because you were told that’s not important ?
  4. Is there a time-out activity, give you effective renew but you feel bad ?

When we are struggle with darkness, maybe we are just striving for light, everything is just an illusion. Being, bliss and consciousness is the foundation. When we attempt to deny “what is”, things are the natural cycle, time and space, energy is required and not available for other activities.

When we make an enemy, we transposition of shadow into others. Shadow is the feeling / emotion / idea / belief which we cannot identify, and we repressed it due to culture, society or value system. The cure of shadow is how far we can heal our broken / ruined part of yourself. We cant make people love you, you have to reveal what we are, and take your chances.

We often project negative qualities from our-self, and see them in everybody except ourselves. inform > affect > Projection. First we have to take responsibility for the projection, then we go reverse direction to the projection, unto others. When we feel the negative emotion, we have to consciously experience it fully , if we feel depressed, feel more depressed, if we feel guilty, feel more guilty, throw your persona and shadow together.

Self -talk with yourself is also a good way to communicate with your shadow :

May i speak with X who would like to be able to do ANYTHING ?

May i speak with not-nice X ?

May i talk to the part of you that like to be peaceful ?

Overall i think its a great book , however if you are complete new to spiritual topic, i might recommend you to first try to read <Power of Now> , to have some basic understanding of ego, self-judgement those concept , and you will be more ready to accept the wisdom from this 65 articles

Until next time !

Check out the book yourself > Meeting the shadow_BD

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