Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

What can we learn from a Roman emperor few thousand years ago ?


A Summary of life philosophy by the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, most of the them are written in a super short form like a sentence , the book is basically a summary of what he think for many different aspect in his life, some of those quote is too understand and abstract for me to understand, however there are some quotes i really resonate and those are below :

Don’t waste time worry about others, there are certain things to avoid : Randomness and irrelevant .

Your ability to control your through, treat it with respect, stop drifting around in the mind, just sprint for the finish and write off your hopes.

Nowhere you go is more peaceful, more free of interruptions, than your own soul. < I enjoy this one a lot as been working on internal fulfillment than external stimulus>

Reputation bother you ? Look at how soon we all been forgotten and time will swallow at all.

Choose not be harmed, and you wont feel harmed, Don’t feel harmed and you haven’t been < Make the decision to switch out from Victim mindset >

At dawn, when you cant get out of bed, think about :

  1. Are you created to huddle under the blanket and stay warm?
  2. What is your job for human being ?
  3. People love what they do and wear themselves to do it
  4. An ant / spider doing their task to put the natural in order.

Many people looking for reward, after they do someone a favor, however consider a vine produce grapes without looking for anything in return. < Focus in the process rather than attached to the result >

there are 2 way to embrace what happen, first one is its happen to you, second is a course of well being what happen naturally by the world. Choose the one which empower you.

Pride is a master of deception, when you think you are occupied in the weigh-est business, that’s when he has you in his spell.

What is to be priced ? Do what we design for, if you cant stop prizing things, you will never be free, you will be in constant envious and jealous other people might come and take it away. < Don’t label the self in the form,e.g.  my X, its mine. everything is just as it is.>

Truth never harmed anyone, what harm us is to persist self-decive and ignorance. <See things as its is, nothing more, nothing less.>

I do what is mine to do , the rest doesn’t disturb me < Focus on our own action, and let the chips fall where they may>. If we limited good/bad to own own actions, we could have not called to challenge gods.

Let it happens, if it want to , to whatever it can happen to. It doesn’t hurt me unless i interpret its happening as harmful to me. < When things happen, accept it, and the only thing we can control is the meaning of the incident.>

No matter what anyone say or does, my task is to be emerald, my color indimished. < whatever other people opinion wont change whoever i am >

Think of yourself dead, you have lived your life. How take whats left and live it property. <what will you do differently if you have a second chance to live ?>

When you feel pain, its not unbearable or unending, keep in mind its limit and don’t magnify than in your imagination.

Perfection of character by live your last day – EVERYDAY, no crazy, laziness and pretend something you re not.

For every action ( or inaction). ask ourself, how does this affect me (self -reflection on every decision we make on a daily basis, its that bring me to my goal or pull me away ?

You have to assemble your life by action by action. No one can keep that from happening. (focus on your own path, one step at a time and we can reach everywhere )

Change your prayer or wishes from

  1. not “some way to sleep with someone” > to a way to stop wanting to sleep with someone
  2. not ” some way to get rid of a person: > to a way to stop wanting to get rid of a person
  3. not “some way to save my child > to a way to lose my fear of losing my child.

Practice what seems is impossible – Left hand is useless at almost everything , for lack of practice, but it can be better than right hand if given enough practice

Student is a boxer but not a fencer, fencer need to pick up his weapon and put it down. boxer is part of him, all he need to do is clench his fist. <Embody and being the lesson we want to learn, let the knowledge and yourself become one>


There are some many good lessons in the book, of course some of the concept i don’t particularly resonate but throughout a book of wisdom is totally worth it even you just absorb a small percentage out of it.

Until next time !

Check out the book yourself >> meditation





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