Super Rich : A Guide to Having It All by Russell Simmons

How to get beyond rich ….like SUPER rich ?


By Russell’s definition, super rich is living in a state of consciousness when you will see the miracles of life unfolding

By needing nothing is how you get EVERYTHING.

How to make the world run after you ?

  • Your gift is a true expression of whats in your heart
  • Hand your gift to the world

Giving is the beginning, give until they cant live without it, focus in giving, your product and relationship with other peer. Emulate a pimp’s attraction: Through honesty and lack of expectation.

Make hard work as a spiritual practice. we have to treat every second as holy, every moment with love and hard work . An attitude of hearing “No” was a special as the moment when someone say “Yes”.

To follow someone’s success, don’t focus “today “, focus on emulate the young version of him, willingness to do anything for anybody at anytime. Let go of the result, your job is to awake and focus the moment.You have control over action alone, never over its fruit.

Always embrace the process of changes, not doing what you feel like doing is freedom. Instead of judging others action, look to uplift.Always be open, creative, fluid, never become rigid, old , tight. Have your own opinion over sheep mentality,blindly follow other people.

In the path of spiritual growth, “not too excited on good news, not too down for bad news”.  in word of Buddha, pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. Move past the obstacles, turn inwards and accept imperfections, correction is a blessing, a wonderful ” teachable” moment.

Looking at your ex(es), try to acknowledge what a blessing of this wonderful man / woman to come your life.

Have confident that your hard-work , dedication, faith are going to pay off, just keep going and be patient.

Anything you cherish will make you sick, detach from everything external but create the space for all our processions.

Never attached to external material, a great source of happiness is gift of expression

We are prepared to consume not until we suffer, but until we are about to die.

Always balance about consciousness and compassion

  • Not fight for what you can get yourself, but what you can give to others
  • Not fight for your own abundance, but for abundance for others
  • Not fight for your own security, but for peace for others
  • Not fight for your own joy, but happiness of others
  • Not fight for your own upliftment, but for enlightenment for others.

Overall its one of my top pick spiritual book as its practical and down to earth, no crazy terms but his own story of how to combine his practice with running a multi-millions dollars business.

Until next time !

Check the book yourself >>>> superich




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