Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Why you need to create wealth “twice” ?


For mankind we always have 2 weakness

  • Familiarity of “impossible”
  • “habit of measuring everything and everyone

Desire is a definite goal , with all energy, will power and effort. Wishing do not bring riches.

  1. Fix your mind exact amount of money you desire
  2. Determine exactly what you intend to give in return
  3. Establish a date you intend to posses the money
  4. Create a plan for carrying out the desire and take action
  5. Write about a clear, concise statement for amount of money you intend with all details
  6. Read the statement loud twice a day, 1 at morning, 1 at night, see, feel and believe yourself already possess it.

Success require no apologize, failure permit no albis, every failure bring with its seed of equivalent success. Practical dreamers don’t quit !

No one is ready for a thing until he believe he can acquire it.

Emotion of faith, love , sex are powerful of all positive emotions.

The principle of auto-suggesting as faith is a state maybe be created, affirmation or repeated instruction to sub-consciousness mind. Any impulse of through which is repeated possess in subconsciousness mind, finally accepted and acted upon.

Self confident Formula

  1. I know i have the ability to achieve the object of my purpose
  2. I realize the dominate through of my mind will eventually project them-self outwards. I will concentrate my through 30mins a day, to become the person i want to be
  3. Any desire i persistently hold in my mind, will eventually seek expression, i will demand myself develop self-confident
  4. With definite chief aim of life, i will keep on trying
  5. I will succeed by attracting to myself, eliminate hate, envy, selfishness and love all humanity

Auto-suggestion: Conscious through take place, and sense as seat of action for the subconsciousness mind.

Nature build man has build man has absolute control over the material which reach his subconscious mind, through five senses. When you read your desire, mix with emotion and faith.

The price of influence your subconsciousness mind is persistence, in applying the principle.

Knowledge can be classified as general or specialized. Knowledge become power when its organized into definite plans of action, directed to definite end.

Source of knowledge include:

  • Own experience and education
  • Experience / education thru others
  • Co-workers
  • Public libraries
  • Special training course

Imagination – man can create anything which he can imagine. there are 2 ways of creation : Synthetic – old concept /idea / plans into new combination / Creative – Hunches or inspirations.

Burning desire can defeat all disappointment / discouragement / temporary defeat , criticism and the constant reminder of “waste of time”.

Real failure is lack of persistence in creating new plans, temporary defeat is not permanent failure. No one can reasonably expect to accumulate a fortune without experiencing “temporary failure”. Head of cause of failure is the lack of decisions. Reach decision promptly , change them slowly. “Opinions are the cheapest commodity in earth, everyone has too much to wish anyone will accept them”.

Persistence is the power of will. How to develop persistence

  • Definite purpose backed by burning desire
  • definite plan express in continuous action
  • Mind closely against negative influence
  • A friend alliance with the positive person who will encourage you follow through.

The power of mastermind : Plans are inert, useless, with power it translate into action. Power is the organized and intelligently directed knowledge. Power is required for accumulation of money, power is necessary for retention.

Mind stimuli : Desire of sex, love, burning desire for fame /power /money, music, friendship, mastermind, mutual suffering, auto-suggestion, fear , alcohol.

Why most of the men succeed after 40 ? As we have a tendency to dissipate energy into emotions. Master salesman tramsute energy of sex into sales enthusiasm.

Our subconscious mind work day and night. our top 7 positive emotion : Desire / Faith / Love / Sex / Enthusiasm / Romance / Hope vs 7 negative emotion: Fear / jealousy/ hatred / Revenge / Greed / Superstition / anger .

Our brain is a broadcasting and receiving station. Subconscious mind is like our send station, our creative imagination is the receiving set.

Sixth-sense : our creative imagination, medium of contact between our finite mind and infinite intelligence. By emulate the great by feeling and acting, as nearly as the great as possible. We can also do “invisible counselors ” : In Imaginations, meeting with people who impress you the most.

3 enemy in our mind : Delusion / doubt and fear. They germinate and growth. We have 6 basic fear

  • Fear of poverty
  • Fear of criticism
  • Fear of ill health
  • Fear of loss of love
  • Fear of old age
  • Fear of death

Man’s through impulse begin immediately to translate into physical equivalent, whether its voluntary or involuntary.

Symptoms of fear of poverty : indifference, indecision, worry, over-caution, procrastination.

Symptom of fear of criticism: Self consciousness / lack of personality / extravagance / lack of initiative / lack of ambition

Symptoms of ill Health : 75% people suffer imaginary illness for physician, people could make ill by suggestion.

Symptoms of  fear of loss of love : Jealousy – most painful among 6 basic fears, fault finding, gambling.

Symptoms of old age : Tendency of slow down, speaking apologetically “being old”.

Symptoms of fear of death : Habit of thinking about dying.

Worry is a state of mind based upon fear, work slowly, persistently to dig yourself until you paralyze.

Mind control is the result of self-discipline, habit the best way to keep your mind busy is to with a definite purpose, backed by definite plan.

Overall, i think its a good book on the basic of law of attraction, positive self talk and practical way to take action to achieve our goal !

Until next time

Check out the book yourself >> thinkandgrowrich






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