The Keys by Dj Khaled

Is Dj Khaled a psychopath or freaking genius ?


In my opinion, he is a DAMN genius and what he is doing is completely make sense even align with most of the management principle like <5 level of leadership> and in this book he will explain his work ethic, relationship with his business partner and how to deal with negativity.

For him, success don’t come fast. Get lucky once doesn’t change the rest of your life. It takes dedications, blood, sweat , tears and some serious hardship. Just don’t give up, never surrender.

He always say “WE THE BEST”. notice here he say we not me, not “I AM THE BEST”. as we have to be the best, own it with confidence and conviction, speak it until it become existence.

Get off “They”, “They” are the people who want you to fail , hate your success and waiting chances to stop you from achieving your dream. Be the boss and do what you have to do. Keep trash off with your team by maintain a small circle, when success get bigger, further tighten the circle as there are higher chance of “they” exist. Hate + Jealousy make people become “they”.

Stay awake, constantly remind yourself and speak out loud, thing that you want in life. According to JAYZ, its better to be a failure with who you are than successful as someone else. Being yourself means – Identify , develop your nature talents and discover what make you happy. Fastest way to make you happy > Remove what make you unhappy.

Don’t EVER play yourself. Don’t do anything foolish to compromise your job and prosperity. Play yourself is a cycle, play it once and you find yourself play it often and harder.

Always secure the bag. Get in the zone where you would rather have money than spend it. Having a down payment for next investment. Knowing where you money at all stages and all times. Don’t do any stupid move to ruin your future.

Stay positive, cant approach someone already thinking they going say no , they will catch the negative vibe. Wake up each morning and expect the best happen to you that day, no matter how dark yesterday was. LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT.

Weather the storm. Life is like school, you will get tested, a lot. The Key is to pass it. When storm end, make sure you know who helped you and give back the love when chances come. As you get bigger, storm get bigger, The test get harder as you get smarter. The key is to have all the KEYS, patience / avoid “they” / back up plans / vision.

“They” gonna try to close the door on you, just open it. Doors is like obstacle; If you cant open it, rip it off, put the hinges on the haters hand. When you firs start, take the opportunity, get through the door, just open it, at least get into the building – means at least do something related to get you “in” the business no matter what. First opportunities lead to more opportunities. “They” want to put you into a box or put limit on you, make sure your vision is so huge that it destroy the box and limit. When see the door, don’t accept a “no” as an answer, keep asking, pay your dues, master the game, stay respectful, work hard to where your knowledge is undeniable, make it your mission to destroy the door. Get up earlier, stay up late, keep your mind clear and do it.

Stay humble, be grateful for your blessing and remember who helped /guide you through. Knowing the pioneer of the game is unbelievably important. Figure out how they work, figure out the connection.

Respect the code. Treat people like way you want to be treated, keep your word, be trustworthy, stay loyal and don’t be evil. The code is about respect, respect need to be earned, First step is respect the person first. People will appreciate your honesty. Respect the code when its hard, especially when its hard.

Major keys: Always be prepared for next step in your vision. Believe in the hustle; Its important to big up yourself, get to big up everyone else. Wins are happier when you share, wins are bigger when you share them, not smaller. Share the win is about chemistry. Have a “go hard” philosophy, go harder than anybody else. It doesn’t matter how big you get, you cant be afraid taking risk and afraid people saying “NO”.

Keep 2 rooms cooking at the same time. There is no such thing as nothing to do, always create something to do. Put yourself in position where you are keeping track of whats going on in different world. Never only do one thing same way, if you do your ideas start becoming routine, then things begin to feel stale. Don’t let people stand in your way, show them your natural talent. Keep your attitude positive, get your feet in the door and dominate.

Temptation is type of “they”. Temptation is hardest to resist. Food / other woman / drugs / alcohol. Mess around at the wrong time, and the visual of you play yourself become a meme.

While you celebrate the win, think about the next WIN. Think the bigger picture, the paradise in your life. If you want to be treated like a boss, look like a boss. Put your game face on, build confidence and get your mind in the right zone.

Fan LUV – snap-chatting is not about angle / lighting / edit / how good, that is 10 second being real with your fans. Make sure you get good people looking out for you.

Inspire the young world : Stay relevant, know whats next. Sometimes success come from a place you least expect it. Dry your back and watch your back. Don’t be cocky, stay prepared.

Choose your own win; Risk it all and bet on yourself. Knowing your worth. Freedom has a price, more freedom you have, more risk you have to take. Choose the hard road and believe the risk will pay off. When you are a boss, you have to help people out, but no one gonna carry you but GOD. Double down on your business is choosing your own win, and when you are independent, you got to live lean, secure the BAG.

The path sometimes hardly see lights, that is a test, so you have faith you made the right decision for your vision. Always make bridges, open yourself up, establish connections. People need people, especially when they making a big MOVE.

Keep it off the record, boss know when you are working on something, you have to keep info classified. When you got problems, set up a meeting, sort it out like adult instead of social media war. Boss make solutions, not comment session.

Ownership is key, always try to own it, even part of it. Remember: Workers work, boss own.

Always glorify your own success, be humble when 1. Learn from others 2. Respect the code / culture 3. Your relationship with GOD. Tell fan LUV and “they” every time you have another win. Glorifying your success is a celebration. Glorify your success is all about presentation. Market yourself beautifully regardless of your audience is a major key, because you never know who is watching. Make everything around you is unique and identifiable. Telling people what you going to do pure pressure on you to go out and do it. As a DJ you learn how to create energy, glorify your success also means more win, as people like to win with winner. More success is always the answer. Success is doing the work so you can get to the next success. People who have hundred percent of failing are people who never try. Don’t tell, show, that’s when you know you get them.

Don’t deny the HEAT. heat is the combination of special magic that make a hit. You wait for magic, magic doesn’t wait for you. Success is a process that turn into progress.

Don’t chase money, let money chase you. If you want not only success, but more success, chase the vision, that’s the real goal. Put vision first, the way you always excited about the Wins and whats next. You love the work while hustling, now you love the journey, the progress and process, as much as result. People will gas-light you into thinking your career as a hobby, a distraction. If you have a passion, that is your vision.  ” Risky to make a side hustle a business ? What if i fail ? what if you don’t love it anymore ? What if it suck out all the fun of it ? >>> ALL FUCKING EXCUSE ! IF your passion is a competitive industry or never exist before ? RIP the door down, sometimes you got to invent who you want to be, rip the doors down. Don’t stop or wait people around you to understand what you doing. MOVE ON ! Patience is a talent : don’t allow other impatience to infect you.

GOD is greatest. Give thanks to gods / universe / world every second, morning, night, when chances there > BLESS UP. Man is Man and god is god. God will always look out for you. Be thankful for the air you breathe and new opportunities you have each day.

Never underestimate the underdog, being down but never count yourself out. Don’t move hate in your heart everyday, there are specific moment when you need extra motivation, use them. Don’t expect keep everybody happy all the time, but always do everything in good faith. Chance is great, is growth, is part of evolution. When you have little bit of success, people will try to front on you and tell you have change in negative way

WIN WIN WIN NO MATTER WHAT ! Rip down doors, break out of boxed, fight for what’s yours. Never surrender, Never going to stop. Expect storm and never get comfortable with the wins – that is how to stay winning. Biggest success is the honor of doing the work you love, the only way to stay being able to what you do is your success. We the best is about stay the best, raise the bar, keep moving the goals, keep hitting them and surpass them. Getting comfortable is a dinosaur shit, stay hungry, same energy you have when you start. Keep as many deal / projects going as long as you can without suffer from the quality. Know your limit, but when time is right, push pass them. The day every battle feel relaxed you better wake up. It means you are retired and you didn’t even know about it. Keep growing, the answer is always more success. Everyday is a step on pathway of more success. When it comes to progress, every step count.

Use positivity to fuel your competitive nature. If you believe you can do it, make sure and do it. I am competitive, i am confident, i bet on myself and i believe in myself. I am myself and choose to happy no matter what !








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