Mindset – Updated Edition : Changing The Way You think To Fulfil Your Potential by Carol Dweck

Are you growing or fixed ?


As the author suggested , there are 2types of mindset or belief people in general have :

1. Fixed Mindset : The belief of only certain amount of intelligence is there

2. Growth mindset : The belief of qualities of things like intelligence are cumulative through efforts , hard-work and strategies.

For those people with a growth mindset, the more action they take to confront the problem. For people with a fixed mindset, its either you have the ability OR you need to expand effort as you are not “talented”. The idea of trying and still failing , which leave yourself with no excuse is the WORST fear of fixed mindset. In growth mindset, when you think you are not good enough, you tell yourself , so what ? and still playing to it whole-hearty.

In Growth mindset ”

1. Success in doing their best, in learning and improving. Personal success is when you work your hardest to become your best. Every game, if you walk off knowing you gave everything you had, you will always a winner.

2. Setback motive them, if give them fire to come back up and prove themselves to the world.

3. Take charge of process of success and maintain it. Action taking with persistent is a strong weapon.

Mindset in leadership : The moment a leader allow himself be the primary reality that people worry about, rather than being the primary reality, we have a recipe of mediocrity. Beware of group think, when everyone in a group start think alike instead of thinking independently.

Relationship in mindset , for fixed mindset people, they think the qualities of yourself, the qualities of your partner and qualities of the relationship is “fixed”, however for growth mindset people , tend to think everyone and everything can be improved.  A no effort relationship, is a doomed relationship. also, the belief that problem indicate flaws means the fixed mindset people try to maintain the “prefect” relationship.

Coaching with mindset : When we praise children’s intelligence harm their motiviate and performance, instead, encourage them go for challenge, interested by mistakes, enjoy effort , seek new strategies and keep learning !skill and achievement come through commitment like a gift. Great teacher believe in growth of intellect / talent. They are fascinated with process of learning. Apply yourself everyday little bit better, everyday over a period of time, you get A LOT better.

Praise the process and TIE it to the outcome !

The journey to growth mindset

1. Embrace the fixed mindset in our brain

2. Beware of fixed mindset trigger – start by aware of our language, when we say shit like “he is JUST talent” / “i am just XXX ”

3. Give your fixed mindset persona a name

4. Educate your persona

Overall is a great book to learn about how to make progress of our skill and life, its impressive how we have certain amount of (or huge for some people) that the limiting belief is actually a fixed mindset we keep telling our-self we are not good enough because of ABCDE.

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