Turning Pro : Tap Your Inner Power and Create Your Life’s Work by Steven Pressfield

Are you Pro or Amateur ?

turning pro

When we hate our lives and ourselves, normally 2 models will present

  1. Its a disease, we need to be “treated” and get well
  2. We did something wrong and we need to serve our sentence.

In this book, the author offer the 3rd model – Stop living as an amateur and turn pro. Turning pro is free, but it demand sacrifice, the passage is an interior odyssey whose trials are survived only at great cost, in terms of emotionally , physically and spiritually. What we get by turning bro is our power, our will, voice and self-respect.

Ambition is the most primal and scared fundamental of our being. To feel ambition and act upon embrace the unique calling of souls. Not to act upon that ambition is turn our back on ourselves and reason of our existence.

Sometimes, when we are terrified our true calling, we pursue a shadow calling which is a metaphor of our real career but no real risk. Different between amateur and professional life is habit.

Consider addiction is boring and predictable, but addict is colorful and fascinating. Our addiction are calling themselves, only encrypted and in-cognitive. All addiction share 2 primary quantities : embody repetition without progress and produce incapacity. Some people could be addicted to failure, when you are addicted to failure, we are secretly relieved when you fail. That’s why resistance hate 2 quantities – concentration and depth, as when we focus and work deep, we succeed.

Habit and addiction for the amateur are conscious or unconscious self-inflicted wound, the pay off is incapacity. We no longer have to face real fight of our lives, to become who we are and realize our destiny.

As amateur, fear is the primary color in amateur interior world, including  failure/ success / foolish / under-achieve / over achieve , the most fear is excluded from the tribe. Amateur is an egoist, he is narcissist, he rate himself to others, become self-inflated if failure rise, anxious if star fall. Amateur allow his worth / identity defined by others. He crave 3rd party validation. He is imprisoned by what he believe he ought to think , look , do , to be. This self-inflation prevent from acting. He take himself so seriously he paralyze himself. Amateur remain inauthentic, He remain someone other than who he really is.

Amateur to fail : Solitude and silence, as he avoid all cost to let his inner voice inside his head would him to the real calling and destiny, Amateur need permission from someone before he can act. Amateur will be ready TOMORROW. Amateur give his power away to others, failure/exile  can be good things, it forces us act our own center and not from someone else.

Fear of self-definition keep an amateur an amateur, as act upon self awareness means differentiate himself from the tribe and can be vulnerable. However the tribe doesn’t give a fuck, there is no tribe. Everyone is caught up in their own bullshit.

Life get real simple when you turn pro. What we most afraid of > we have to do. “be brave, my heart”. Plant your feet and square your shoulders to the enemy, meet him amount the man killing spear and hold your ground.

Turning pro change how we spend time and whom we spend it. Each day, professional understand, he will wake up facing same resistance, self-sabotage to shadow activities.

In past-epiphany, we have reality and humanity. Shame is good, shame produce will.

Quantities of professional

Show up Everyday / Stay at job all day / committed the long haul / the stakes are high and real / patient / seek order / demystifies / act in face of fear / accept no excuse / play as it lay / prepared / does not show off / dedicate to master technique / does not hesitate to ask help / does not take success or failure personally/ not identify with his instrument / endure adversity / self-validate / re-invent himself / recognize by other professional.

Professional know when he fall short of his own standard. He will murder his darling without hesitation. That’s why it take to stay true and expectation of excellence. Never train your hase to exhaustion, leave him wanting more.

Pro-mindset is a discipline that we use to overcome resistance. In order to achieve flow / magic / the zone, we start by being common , ordinary and workmanlike.

Artist got 2 rewards – conventional and psychological reward . Enjoy yourself, maybe nobody like the stuff you are doing, but you did, and you learning, and you get better. The work become, in a way, a practice.

Approach mastery thru order, commitment and passionate intention. Professional trust the mastery. There is always something in the box, good thing happen when we trust the mastery.

When resistance is strong :

  1. Take what you can and stay patient
  2. play for tomorrow
  3. We in this for long haul.

Just keep going, athletes play when he hurt, warrior fight when he scared.

These is a second self inside, a inner shadow self. It doesn’t care about you, it doesn’t love you. It will kill you, like cancer, to prevent you actualize yourself, from becoming who you are really are, that could called – RESISTANCE.”

Until next time !

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