If You’re Not First, You’re Last : Sales Strategies to Dominate Your Market and Beat Your Competition by Grand Cardone

Are you first  ??


There are only 4 response during a economic contraction

  1. Cheerleader : People who refuse to participate, they don’t prepared how to act so they just react.
  2. Old school response : We just have to get back basic” only way to flourish is to take lots of unreasonable action to dominate. also, basic are different from people to people, we must get outside focus on creating a future instead just focus getting back to do something in the past.
  3. Quitter ” Nothing we can do “
  4. Advance and conquer : every resources you have goes to advance and conquer while others contract and retreat. Basic actions : generate opportunities and learn how to handle objections, stall and reasons that they don’t buy.  Only things work is concentrate the future and forget the past. A sure way not get first place is to compare who has no intention to be first.

Problems are opportunities, conquer opportunities , equal money earned, Don not reason with those action, just take them.

Reactivate the power base : person call / visit to start, not a sales call. Commit to set a time for meeting – fill your schedule and making personal contact. Any attention is better than no attention.

Past client reactivation : Make call, organize, and NEVER qualify. Action count more than anything contacts turn into contracts, more contacts more contracts. Reactivate past clients has to be approved from sand point of offering service and taking interest in the client.

10 Phone call is equal to 1 personal visit. Market place, particular in tough market, will only reward those who are willing to do whatever it takes. If you go out and start making things happen, something will happen.

Convert the unsold : follow up, follow up, despite anyone tells you, despite the emotion. Your interest in your client is more important than their interest to you.

Multiple the existing client : anyone can get lucky, use your action to create luck. Always ask and concentrate how you ask.

Its critical to replace those to whom you sell with new prospect. Market are competitive, you have to get customer attention first before you worry about customer satisfaction.

Best way to retain your client is to please them beyond expectations and keep doing so. Best way to increase customer way is to give more than they money’s worth, reduce price doesn’t add value, it actually diminish perceived value. Don’t seek to satisfy, seek to WOW. Money will find what people perceive as value, not the lowest price.

Make the second sale – its easier, more profit and buyers more satisfied. Suggest additional service  products once agreement is made.

Value added preposition – add value to same service that you sold in the past by bringing extra attention to things your service does. We must build value, communicate that you are doing things differently by providing more service, and highlight how unique your proposal is.

Let client know you are hungry, do whatever it take to earn business, good times or bad times.  We also want to expand the acceptable client profile, be willing to open up client base to offset the pullback from normal life. Commit to a marketing program a year , all marketing takes tie to get attraction. This way also enhance your reputation thru the commitment and circles. Attack every aspect of your marketing platform with massive action / energy. Nothing will provide you with more protection than ability to generate revenue – by massive action, effective marketing, stay in front and get the job done.

Repack to increase profit – 2 things people lack confidence during contraction – ability to make good decision and ability to create more money.

Power schedule of advance and conquer – keep you and company focused and productive, any productions, output, effort done in sufficient quantities on a regular basis is better than no production, it will get you result. Time X Action = measure of advance .The person who is swing the bat has a better chance of succeed than person who refuse to . Write down all wasteful action you involved, not to get rid of them but limit amount of time spent.

Commit to advance and conquer, shift your attention to positive. One way to get yourself our of hopeless state is to increase urgency and necessity. treat it as your life depends on it.

Have an unreasonable attitude , behave in the way without edit / judge your behavior base on how everyone act. The economy you have is only limited by the unreasonable action you take to create it.

another great book from Grant after <10 X rules >, check it out if you want to learn more about success in Sales and life >>> Shop-Now-Button-copy

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