Confessions Of An Advertising Man by David Ogilvy

Are you ready to download the brain of the father of advertising ?


As an creative associate in advertising, we should create function through the objection eyes of a researcher. Function of most advertising is not to persuade people to try your product, but persuade them use it more often than other brand. it pay to study your product before writing the sales copy.

How to manage an advertising agency ( and other creative organization)
1. Always deliver, never say no to clients
2. Inspect every campaign before it goes to client
3. Make yourself indispensable to client
4. To provide an atmosphere in which creative marketers can do useful work
5. Find people who can create Campaign, who have the fire in the bellies
6. Advertising is a business of words.
7. Its useless to be a creative, original thinker unless you can also sell what you want to create.

How to get clients
1. Escape from obscurity, prospects would add us into shopping lists.
2. Make no more than 2 speeches a year
3. make friend with researcher, PR manager
4. Send frequent report to 600 people in every walk of life
Agency first client is hard as no one knew you, we can offer survey to perspective client’s business for free and get our foot in the door
Fertility , midnight oil, luck is the best weapon to get new business
Most successful in new business are those people share most sensitive insight, into psychological make up of perspective client.

Play to win, enjoy the fun
Seek account in 10 Criteria
1. Product must be proud to advertise
2. Do a better job than the previous agency
3. Avoid product that sales been falling
4. If the client want you to make money
5. Don’t give impression of only one side “strength
6. Make sure you live happily with the client
7. Prefect client think “marketing is breathe of life ”
8. Never take new products
9. Never take association account. Too many master, objection, too little money.
10. Exhibit sufficient enthusiasm.

How to keep clients
Accept the fact you are travel on edge of cliff
– Forbid some AE hunt for new account, so the old account don’t feel like you are not satisfied and want a new client to serve.
– avoid hiring unstable AE, you don’t want to change the server every 3 months
– Avoid client who fire agency in regular interval
– Keep contact with client in ALL level, from manager, assistant, associates
– “in box”Policy, as long as finish a camping, begin to develop a new one.
– Never tell client your another engagement with other client, this can help to maintain client’s confidence in your discretion.

Process of Re-selling : sell the new processor like a new business. Wired your personal relationship with ALL tie in the organization, also get into habit of seeing client when weather is calm, in this case he wont associate your presence as “problem”.

A bad advertising can un-sell a product, how to be a good client and let your agency do their job :
1. Don’t install fear in your agency
2. Select the right agency in the first place: hire advertising manager who knew enough , call the agency client to check for reference, meet the chief and have dinner
3. Brief your agency very through indeed
4. Do not compete with your agency in creative area
5. Cuddle the goose who lay chicken eggs
6. Don’t strain your advertising through too many level
7. Make sure your agent make a profit, you can offer flat fee so there are no motive for agency to spend extra.
8. Don’t haggle with your agency
9. Be candid and encourage condor, speak your mind, loud and clear.
10. Set high standard ‘
11. Test everything, most important word in advertising is “Testing””, never stop testing, and your advertising will never stop improving
12. Hurry – money is a function of time
13. Don’t waste time on problem babies
14. Tolerate genius, they are the one who can make coool campaign
15. Don’t under-spend

How to build good campaign
Its surprising to point out that the important of discipline in art, a good advertisement sell the product without drawing attention to itself
– What you say is more important than how you say
Make promise we can do it by distrubute batch of product to different sample of customer with different promises, then compare the repeat order, or we can ask client to select on survey which promises is important, also we can prepare series of different advertisement and count number of order.
– Unless your campaign is built around a great idea, it cant be great
– Give the facts, more information i give the product, the more i sold
– You cannot bore people into buying, people glance on ads, one glance is enough to tell her its boring or not , the good one know their craft.
– Be well-mannered, but don’t clown
– Make your advertising contemporary
– committee can criticize ads, but cannot write them
– If you are lucky enough to write a good ads, repeat until its not pulling , you aren’t advertising to a standing army, but a moving parade.
– Never write an ad which you would not want your family to read
– Image and the brand – accept the limitation, everything = no personality.
– Don’t be a copycat.

How to write a copy
1. Headlines
-5 times as more people read headlines than body
-Never write fewer than 16 headlines for an ads
– Flag down the prospect
– Appeal to reader self interest
– always try to inject news into your headlines
– inclusion of emotional words, darling, love, fear , proud, friend, baby
– include the brand in headlines
– include the selling promises, headlines of ten words+, sell more than short
– end the headline with a lure to read on
– Don’t write tricky headlines
– Avoid to use “negatives””
– avoid blind headlines

2. Body copy
Pretend you are talking to the woman at a dinner party
-Don’t beat the bush, go straight to the point
– Tell the truth, but tell it fascinating, be specific and fractal
– Readership fall rapidly > 50words, but drop little from 50-500 words. Every ad should be a compete copy, assume is the only chance you will ever sell the product.
– Always include testimonials in the copy
– Give the reader helpful advise / service.
– Avoid “big”word
– write your copy in language culture use in everyday conversation
– Resist the temptation to write to win an award
– Resist the temptation to entertain.

3. in the adv
– subject of illustration is more important than the technique. substance is more important than form
– Photography to arouse reader curiosity
– Photographs sell more than drawing, drawing represent fantasy, which is less believable
– Always split test
– Man are mot interested in their own sex, attract woman by a baby
– ads are twice memorable in color
– avoid histrocial subject
– Dont enlarged close up human face
– Most ads are deficient in brand identification
– Public is more interested in personalities over corporation
– No need for an ads to look like an ads
– Twice of Caption read than the text body

In any chase we have long copy
1 display sub headed two / three lines, between headlines / body
2. start the copy with large initial letter
3. make the opening paraprah less than 11 words
4. 2-3 inches of copy, insert first cross head
5. set the copy in column nore than than 40 character wide
6. Dont write smaller than fonts 9
7. Insert illustration time to time
8. Help the reader into next page with arrowhead and bullet
9. Number all related facts

There are no correlation between people like the commercial and being sold. Don’t sing the selling message, selling is a serious business.
How to rise to the top ? Conceal your arrogant and keep up studies and be the most informed man
Emphasis of ‘team work “sometimes is a conspiracy of mediocre majority. If you are the super star, stand up and own it

Its a crazily detailed instruction with step by step guide on how to write copy, how to write agency, definitely one of the most informative book i ever read in advertising

Until next time !!

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