Purple Cow : Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable by Seth Godin

Which kind of cow are you ??



We can no longer market direct to the mass, where a word most product are invisible. Consumer nowadays are too busy paying attention to advertising but desperate to find a good stuff that solve their problems.

We have to move from creating safe, ordinary product and combine with great marketing to create remarkable product that right people seek out.
Be the outlier : super fast / slow, very exclusive / cheap, big/ small.

Its safer to be risky, to fortify your desire to do true amazing thing. Instead of make a better product for your user standard behavior with your technology, experiment with inviting user change their behavior to make product dramatically better.

Don’t try to make a product for everybody, that’s a product for nobody. The way to break is to target a niche instead of huge market.
Design the thing to be idea-virus”in the first place.

Differentiate your customer, find the group thats more profitable, find the group that’s most likely to sneeze, figure out how to develop either group. Ignore the rest and ads cater for the group you have chosen

There are 2 choices we can make, we can either be invisible – anonymous, in the comfort zone and safe or be the greatest, unique, and be the purple cow.

We been raised with a false belief that we mistakenly believe criticism lead to failure, instead make a list of way you can do by being different.

Measurement means admit what’s broken so you can fix. Mass media is about emotion / craft, not about fixing mistakes

in exchange for taking the risk, risk of failure / ridicule / unfilled dreams , the creator of purple cow get huge upside when she get it right. Once you manage to create the cow, do 2 things immediately, 1 : milk the cow for everything it worth, extend and profit from it as long as possible 2: create an environment where you are likely to invent a new cow to replace the old one.

Purple cow system : Go for the edges, review other product, sketch out where your edges are, and where your competition is without understand the landscape, you cant go next step and figure out which innovation.

“How do i know its remarkable ?”question from people who dont have the otaku, be obsess with your own products.

Cheap is a lazy way out of battle for purple cow.

How to apply purple cow in workplace ? Focus on possible nich-est market. Dumb it down, the business for the masses was the way to get rich in a hurry.

Its not about being weird, its about being irresistible to a tiny group of easily reached sneeze with otaku.

Go where the competition is not, once someone stake out a limit, you are foolish to attempt a pail imitation.

Be the purple cow today >>>> Shop-Now-Button-copy

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