Deep Work : Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World by Cal Newport

Did you dive deep enough to your work ??


Professional activities performed in stat of distraction free concentration that push your cognitive capabilities to the limit.

There are 2 main values for deep work
1. Learn quickly
2. Able to produce the best product you are capable of

There is gonna be 3 group of people to be successful in the new age : High skilled worker / superstars and the owners. To be in that group we have to master the ability to master hard things quickly and ability to product at elite level in quality and speed. High Quality required time spent x intensity of focus.

In our brain we have attention residue. A residue of attention is stuck when you go from Task A to Task B

Deep work vs Serendipitous collaboration / instant messaging / social media. Even you are not aware, brain respond to distraction. Principle of least resistance : without clear feedback on impact on various behavior to the bottom line, we will tend towards behavior that are easiest in the moment.

Deep work generate satisfaction, meaning of work. Who you are , what you think , feel and do, what you love is the sum of what you focus on.

Rule #1 : Work deeply
Main obstacles to go deep, urge to turn your attention toward something superficial. Key to develop a deep work habit is to add routines/ ritural to the work life to minimize willpower needed for transition into deep concentration.

1. Monastic philosophy scheduling
Eliminate / radical minimize shallow obligation
2. Bimodal philosophy scheduling
Divide your time, dedicate some clearly stretches to deep pursuits , deep time + shallow hour
3. Rhythmic philosophy of deep work scheduling :
The Seinfield “chain method ” , transform deep work into a simple regular habit. Deep work happen in 90mins chunk, do it in a fixed time.
4. Journalistic philosophy of scheduling
General guidelines for deep work ritual
– Where and how long
– How you would work ( no internet )
– How you will support work

Radical change to your environment will significant investment of money increase the perceived importance of task.

Commitment once workday shut down, no professional thing enter your attention, have a shut down ritual for end of workday.

Rule #2 Embrace boredom
The ability to concentrate intensely is a skill that must be trained, training to improve your ability to concentrate intensively and overcome your desire for distraction. Schedule occasionally break from focus to distraction. To succeed with deep work, rewire your brain to be comfortable resisting distracting , stimuli, it also require level of concentration well beyond where most knowledge work are comfortable.

rule #3 Quit social media
Any benefit approach : justified in using a network if you can identity any possible benefit to use, anything you possibly miss out. All tools has benefit, also offer negatives, begin with a clear baseline.

Craftsman approach on tool selection: identify the core factors that determine success/ happiness in your life. Adopt a tool only if its possible impact substantially outweigh the negative .

What social media market to you ? If you don’t use you might miss out !

Rule #4 : Drain the shallow
Schedule every minute of your day !! Decide in advance what you gonna do with every minute of working day.

Hope you go deep in your work >>>> Shop-Now-Button-copy

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