You Can’t Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike at a Seminar, 2nd Edition: Sandler Training’s 7-Step System for Successful Selling by David Sandler

Why you want to teach a kid to bike in a seminar in the first place ?


First concept of Sandler system is learn how to fail to win. People don’t learn in a seminar, but the reinforcement training of seminar is helpful. Below is a overview of the system :

  1. Qualify your prospects
  2. Extract prospect’s pain
  3. Verify that the prospect has money
  4. Be sure the prospect is decision maker
  5. Match your service/ product to prospect’s pain.

4 steps of prospecting

  1. Prospect don’t always tell the truth and play the card close to chest. You can continuing chase down unqualified opportunity count as hard work, but not smart work.
  2. The prospect want to know what you know for an unpaid consultation
  3. Prospect commit to NOTHING
  4. Prospect doesn’t answer the telephone and wont return message – remember you cant lose what you don’t have.

In Sandler training, people buy emotionally, but make decision intellectually. Pain is the identification of where the prospect is and where he want to be. Then put all the money issue on the table, the cost of your prospect if they do NOTHING. Then found out the decision making process your prospect use when deciding. Present a solution that will get rid of prospect pain. Prospect don’t buy feature / benefits, it help them overcome / avoid pain. Post – sell your sale.

In the book the author recall he used to turn the cold call into a show, in front of audience, its make him more fluid and assertive. He keep thinking way to make cold call fun and challenging. He also try to park his car into a USD5 parking lot but only have USD2 in the pocket to force him close the deal. He also have a 3foot rule – get within 3 foot or someone and talk to them.

Then we move on to separate identity and our role. We reduce risk factor as self esteem so it cannot be hurt by rejection of sales process. When we grow up, we were worth more if we achieved something, so we mistakenly accept role failure as identity failure.  Think selling as a game, prospect hang up on a role they took on the game they decide to play.

There are 5 stages of failure

  1. Disbelief : When you fail, your mind will automatically deny it, accept it and believe it happened
  2. Fear – Anticipate it and let fear become the survived mechanism
  3. Anger – get mad then cool down
  4. Acceptance – accept responsibility for whatever happened and move on
  5. Despair – in the moment, figure the lesson you can learn.


People pay a price to stay at the top everyday, its conditioning. Conditioning is a way of life , a set of rule , always practical

There are 10 basic conditioning rule

  1. Stay on the right side of trouble line : Mentally put yourself in a commission base and set goals daily.
  2. Burn your bridge
  3. Get mentally / emotionally tough : If they cant hear a yes, they rather get a no. There are 4 answer – Yes / No / No with a lesson / I have to think about it
  4. Maintain a healthy self esteem, people with low self-image cant feel good, so they frequently attack anyone who exhibit a better self-image
  5. Cultivate a support group
  6. Know when to use product knowledge
  7. Know your competition – learn their strength and weakness
  8. Keep a journal – be part of your own plan or become someone else’s plan
  9. Work a prospecting system, top performer spend 80% time service and 20% new prospect
  10. Use a system for selling – to get to top, you have to practice, practice, practice. Spend enough time to getting to know the system, soon you will own it.

You don’t learn how to win by getting Yes, you learn to win by getting No.

Sandler’s Submarine system

Bonding > Up front contract > Pain > Budget > Decision > Fulfillment > Post sell

Use a dummy curve, get information, don’t give it, sell today and educate tomorrow.

Separate Reporting and objecting, reporting is dealing with stress but objecting is negotiating, if only one person can handle a stall, its the prospect.

Always handle objection upfront, put 3-4 common objection, phrase them into MC questions

Use negative reverse selling , amateur goes for the close too soon and look aggressive. You want prospect to discover that previous decision was wise but a new decision can also be beneficial. People love to buy but hate to be sold. negative reverse selling is build up and then take away. Traditional sales normally frighten the prospect, then kill the sale. How professional salesperson respond to negative prospect, they get behind and talk more negatively than prospect, bring up problem make it easier to handle.

Bonding / rapport in a nutshell is always make prospect feel more OK than you feel. You can achieve that by acting not OK, not flex your intellectual muscle, don’t act superior, avoid buzzword and struggle a little bit. Sales always lost when prospect sense salesperson “need” the order. A great deal of rapport is going through non-verbal communications.

When people make decision , they either move toward pleasure or move away from pain. We have to cut below the surface, uncover prospect real motivation and expose the pain.

  1. Look for a prospect who is well – “how long you have that problem ?”
  2. Ask questions will cause prospect to hurt
  3. Make your prospect sick with pain
  4. Continue until you arrive a critical state, when prospect willing to pay / do anything to avoid the pain
  5. Now, perform your miracle

We do this by active listening and asking questions, repeat the words and paraphrase the prospect word and constant feedback prospect’s feeling.

We are trained by society and parents that don’t talk and dance around money. a Millionaire will not hesitate about talking money as they don’t waste time. The main pain the prospect experience, the more the prospect will pay for the product / service.

Three step to discuss of money

  1. Raised sufficient pain in your prospect, and how much it will cost of these pain
  2. No mutual mystification as to what you are going do do or try
  3. Your gut tell your prospect is real.

Its better to qualify the prospect decision making abilities prior making presentation. Its more important to protect your value system, protect your identity and role and everything you believe, than to help prospect feel better even to get business. People don’t make decision at sometime all the time.

By risking getting a no, you are going to get more Noes than you heard in the past. But the good new is you are going to get equally more yes and you are not going to accept “I want to think it over .”

Technique are important but who learn to deliver technique with the appropriate attitude and behavior get to bank most often. Motivation is the ability to see you in present a projection of future that you want for yourself, to put into motion the plan , to be aware the price required to pay to achieve your goal, and then to move steadily towards these goals on a day to day basis.

Too many people sit around waiting to be motivated, as it some chemical reaction can propel them into action, The more you think about become motivated the better you wont. There is never a right time to start, don’t lose precious time by waiting the right time, become a self-mover.

Until next time !

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