Do You! : 12 Laws to Access the Power in You to Achieve Happiness and Success by Russell Simmons

DO what ? You !


Second book after i finish <Super rich > from Russell and he did have an interaction combination of hustle and spiritual in his work. In this book he discuss there are 12 laws for him to succeed in his professional and private life.

Law 1 : See your vision and stick with it

Business degree is a complement but not a compensate for enterpurial spirit. When we have vision, its the god’s way to communicate with us. The world is belong to people who say ” I can”. When obstacles appear in your path, put your head down and get pas them. Those obstacles are God’s way of testing you. Get to be educated while staying child-like in your imagination. First , we have to find out what dream / vision to follow, if you feel lukewarm, lose interest in a few days, probably wasn’t you meant to pursue. There are many roads to success, within one industry. Second, once you pick a vision, the next step is to freeze it. Articulate it as soon as you have it. Always see the details of your vision. Finally, share your vision, sharing is just another baby step in the process, the attention drawn will make you harder to give up your vision

When do we let the vision go ? Ask yourself is the world tell you or it come from the inner voice ?

Law 2 : Always do you

Stay true to who you are and what you like instead of following others. Any kind of lasting success is rooted in Honesty. Do you isn’t just about protect your brand, it protect your belief. People tend to wait things a certain way, then try to make the world conform to those idea.

Law 3: Get your mind right

How you look outside doesn’t matter if you don’t have the spiritual self in shape. When we are not present, we wait for things to happen instead of make it happen. Presence is the only moment you get paid.

Law 4 : Stop waiting and start today

Take one of the skill god blessed you and acting you. You have to start before you can succeed at anything. Don’t wait someone to give you green-light to follow your dream. No one is going to put you on, create opportunities for you. Kanye west didn’t wait for check, he work on this art whether someone pay him or not. When people say they are waiting things to happen, what really is stalling, stalling lead to sickness, by taking step, even baby step always lead to success.

You cant wait for action to come to you, you must go to the action.

Law 5 : Never less than your best

Key of any happiness is to never give less than your best. Always focus on effort, instead of the result of the effort. Happiness come from the way you walk, not where you work. Always under-promise and over-deliver.

Law 6 : Surround yourself with right people

Having wrong people not just slow you down, but lead you down a death end path. Find a teacher, learn not to trust people over yourself, while not being over-headed and miss out opportunities to learn. Invest long-lasting , honest , stable things instead of cheap and disposable stuff. A good day in office is someone tell you the truth.

Law 7 : There are no failures, just quitters

“Never say die attitude”, many people fail to reach finish line as they confuse setback as failure. A set back is a learning curve on your journey to success. When we hold on mistakes, we are throwing rock in our path. Resilience is one of most valuable characteristic you can develop in life, mistakes only cost you when you don’t acknowledge them. Always listen to your dream, not the negative that whisper in your ear. Keep on digging, never worry how far you come, one day you will find yourself there.

Stop thinking life as series of pitfall and try think its a roller coaster instead. If god test Jesus, why you think he wont test you also ?? The only reason i am ” A” is because i am willing to be so persistent in fighting for a concept i believe in.

Rather than uplifting yourself with faith, confidence, we burden our-self with worry, anxiety, guilt. By detach yourself from fear / Worry, we have the stamina and strength to overcome anything. We all fear one thing only – fear of dying. When you afraid of die, you live your entire life trying not to die, the fear become excused for you not to take risk, instead of pursing your passion.

You are only tempted to quit when you attach the result. Rejecting
“NO” : Embrace the rejection, ask them what make them say No, by articulating whats they don’t understand, don’t like, they helping you fill the GAP.

Being persistent, not passive, is what make our dream come true. The art of to be persistence without being a pest. Accept the universe is always going to say no at first, my job is to make universe say yes

Law 8 : Science of success

Plant the good seeds. Good karma is the foundation of everything positive and lasting you build in life. When you plant good seeds with your actions, karma will be a goddess.

Law 9 : You can never get before you give

You can only get ahead by giving back first . Before you get rich yourself, you have to make someone make money first. When you let go and give, you let go and leg God do his work . Being rewarded by love and happiness for giving love, happiness through the art. Giving, not trading or selling is basis of success. The most rewarding thing you can do is just give the world something good  and ultimately you will be paid so much more than if you have tried to trade it for something else.

Law 10 : Successful people stay open to change

Build real commitment to diversity in your organization. Don’t get caught up by the experience, instead look for who is willingness to work and willingness to give. You cant be a good leader until you are good servant first, this concept is exactly what John Maxwell mention in one of my favorite management book < 5 level of leadership>

Law 11 : Be powerful, be heard

Always knowing your own worth. there are 2 kinds of empowerment : personal and community empowerment. The more people you can empower, the more blessing you will generate yourself.

Step 1: Being comfortable in your body of having the confidence with your physical relationship with the earth

Step 2: Smile and breathe

Law 12: Stay true with the power

Instead of being afraid of what is truth, we should use it as a road map for what we can do to fix these problems. Successful people are the one who listen to every opinion and make their own judgement.

Hope you guys can find some of his idea applicable to your life !

Until next time

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