The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine

What the hack is she thinking ??

TO begin with , biology represent the foundation of our personalities and behavior tendencies, if we try to deny the influence of biology – we begin to fight our own nature.

Since little girls, they do not tolerate flat face, girls will think if they do things right, they expect to get the reaction. It’s the same instinct that keep a grown ass woman going for emotional unavailable man like dog chasing Frisbee.

Girls can hear a broader range of sound/frequency/tone in human voice than boys. When they face dis-interest break eye contact, brain searching  a way to validate her sense of self.

Typical girls are very invested in preserving harmonious relationship. Nature certainty has th strongest hand in launching sex-specific behavior, but experience, practice and interaction with others are modify neurons and brain wiring.

A girl walk a fine line between make sure she is center of her world of relationship and risking pushing relationship away.

All inside a teen girl brain РDrama. Hormone effect the social stress is going sky high. The filter through which she feel the feedback of others depends on where she at in the cycle. Her brain interpret the comment differently. When estrogen is on the rise, a teen girl brain is pushed to make even more Oxytocin, to get more peak estrogen production. Female brain has a far more negative alert reaction to relationship conflict and rejection than does the male brain.  Stress/ reactivity can increase dramatically the few days before onset of bleeding.

Our brain generally size up a potential partner for female, if he fit our ancestral wish list, girls get jolt of chemical that dizzy us with attraction. Nature selection favored men who were good at deceiving women and getting them agreed to have sex. The act of hugging / cuddling release Oxytocin the brain, especially in females, likely to product a tendency to trust the hungers. Oxytocin trigger the trust circuit. Oxytocin is naturally released after a 21 seconds hug from a partner – sealing the bond.

Touching, gazing, positive emotional interaction, kissing, sexual orgasm also release Oxytocin in a female brain.

Male love circuit get extra kick when stress level are high. For woman, stress hormone cortisol block Oxytocin action in the female brain. Shutting off a women desire for sex and physical touch. State of romantic love can be reignited by threat / fear of loss.

Female sexual turn on begins with a brain turn off. The impulse can rush only the amygdala being deactivated. If stimulation of clitoris is cut off too soon, if it aren’t sensitive enough, if fear / stress / guilt interfere, the clitoris is stopped. For many woman, being relaxed, hot bath, foot rub, vacation, alcohol, improve ability to have orgasm. Bad breathe, too much slobber, a clumsy move with a knee, hand, any little thing. Spying the female amygdala back into action, The sexual desire trigger for both gender is testosterone.

Sweet smell of infant head stimulate female brain to product oxytocin, create chemical reaction that induce baby lust.

What female brain is expert at

  • Reading faces
  • Interpreting tone of voice
  • Assessing emotional nuance

Gut feeling are actually physical sensation that convey meaning in the brain. Emotional mirroring , secret of intuition, how women can mind-read. Typical male brain reaction to an emotion is to avoid it at ALL cost.

Tears in a woman may evoke brain pain in man. If she doesn’t get expected response, she will persist until she begin to conclude she did something wrong.

A menopausal woman want to please herself and less worrying others. Amygdala, prefrontal cortex are fully functional , that why when a women hit that state , its easier for her to divorce, give up the family and start a new life.

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