Be so good they can’t ignore you by Cal Newport

How to be that good ?

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Author have 4 points to consider when you think about your prefect career

  1. Don’t follow the passion

We are hammed with the passion hypothesis, key occupational happiness is to first figure out what you are passionate about and find a job that match your passion.

Instead, force yourself through the work, force the skill to come, that’s hardest. The more we focus loving what we do, the less we end up loving it


  1. Be so good they can’t ignore you

There are 2 mindset / craftsman mindset – focus on what you offer to the world, and passion mindset – what the world can offer you.

We want to be so experienced there is confidence come out. Obsessive focusing on quality of what you produce.\

No one owe you a career, you have to earn it and the process won’t be easy. Regardless what you do for living, approach your work lie a performer. If you want something rare / valuable, you need something rare/valuable in return. The discomfort with mental discomfort was a liability in the performer world.

IF you just show up and work hard, you will soon hit performance plateau beyond which you fail to get better.


There are 5 habits of craftmanship

  1. Decide what Capital market you in? Is it winner take all or more auction like
  2. Identify your capital type
  3. Define “Good” – deliberate practice requires good goal
  4. Stretch and destroy your comfort zone, harsh feedback that you learn where to retrain your focus in order to make progress.
  5. Be patience

3. Turn down a promotion

Always control your working lives. Giving people more control on what they do and how they do it will increase happiness, engagement and sense of fulfilment.

However, we should also beware the trap of control, for example

  • Control that required without career capital is not sustainable
  • When you have enough career capital to get meaningful control, that is also exactly the point when you are valuable enough to your employer that they will prevent you making the change

When try to do what you want to do , make sure follow the law of financial viability, do what people are willing to pay for


4.  Think small, act big

A good career mission is like a scientific breakthrough, its an innovation waiting to be discovered in the adjacent possible of your field. Mission require little bets, always make methodized series of little bets about what might be a good direction, learning critical information for lots of little failure and form small but significant wins. Rapid and frequent feedback allow them to find unexpected avenue and arrive at extraordinary outcome.

How should we structure the practice?

Time structure: 10mins to let resistance to die down

Information structure – Build a proof map

Remember: Working right trumps working right work

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