Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins

More marketing tips from the advertising giant 

In this book Claude Hopkins discuss advertising and salesmanship. He think advertising is salesmanship. The only purpose of advertising is to make sales. Treat it like salesman, force it to justify itself, compare it to other salesman.

Successful salesman are rarely good speech makers, they are plan and sincere man who know their customer. Consider reader as prospect stand before you, seeking information, give them info to take action.

Don’t think of people in the mass, think of a typical individual man who likely to want you to sell. Reason of most non-successful in advertising is sell people what they don’t want, next to lack of true salesmanship. The most severest test for an advertising man is selling good by mail.

Remember “the more you tell, the more you sell”. Difference between salesman and ads is salesman demand attention, ads can be ignored.

Purpose of headline is to pick out people you can interest, when you have will attract certain people, certain interest only. Always bear fact in mind that people are hurried. Same as headline, an offer is limited to a certain class of people are far more effective than a general offer. Platitudes/ generalities roll off human understanding like water. A definite statement maybe many times as effective.

Present to the reader, once you get him, get him every important claim you have.

An ad-writer to have a chance to success, must gain full information on his subject. Genius is the art of taking pains, The advertising man who spare midnight oil will never get far. Greatest profit are made on great volume with small profit, We cannot go after thousands until we learn how to win one.

Product itself is its best salesman, the product + mental impression + atmosphere which you place around it. Many advertising lose much by being penny-wise, they are afraid of imposition of try to save pennies.

None of us know enough people desire to get an average viewpoint. A person who desire to make an impression must standout in some way. We are attracted by positivity, point the way to them, not the way out of opposite.

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