The Richest Man In Babylon by George S. Clason

All time classic

A great personal financial book consist of different ancient story, the concept is bring along few people in Babylon and how they change their finance life.

To start with the author stated that ” A man’s wealth is not in the purse of what he carries. A fat purse quickly empties if no golden stream to fill it. Then the story begin by telling a good practice of saving. Part of what you earned is yours to keep, that part shouldn’t be less than 10%. We should also live upon less than what we could earn. Next, seek advice from those who competence in this area. Then make the gold work for you, opportunity is a naughty goddess who waste no time with those who is unprepared. A small and safe return is far more desirable than risk.

7 ways to fatten your purse:

  1. Start your purse to fattening : For each 10mins put in, to spend but nine only
  2. Control your expenditure : what we call ” necessary” expenses will grow to equal as income. Budget the expenses that may have coins to pay for necessities, pay for enjoyment and desire without spending more than 9/10 earning
  3. Make the gold multiply: To put each coin to laboringGrou that it might reproduce its kind and help bring income
  4. Guard the treasure from loss : We must secure small amount and learn to protect before god trust us lager sum
  5. Make of dwelling profitable investment : Owns his own house, reduce cost of living
  6. Insure a future income: Make preparation for income in the day we not young.
  7. Increase ability to earn : Preceding accomplishment must be desire. The desire must be strong and definite. More interest in your work, more concentration in your task, more persistence in your effort, at the meantime cultivate more powers, study and become wiser, become more skillful.

Good luck waits to come to the man who accept opportunity. Wisdom of making a payment immediately when we are convinced our bargain is wise. Habit of needless delaying when action was required, action prompt and decisive.

To attract good luck itself, its necessary to take advantages of opportunities. Men of action are favored by goddess of good luck

5 law of GOLD:

  1. Gold increase to any man who put more than 10% of his earning
  2. Gold labor for profitable employment
  3. Gold cling to protect of cautious owner
  4. Gold slip away from man who invest in business he not familiar
  5. Gold flee the man who force to impossible earning and who follow trickster.

One who start to help a friend and end up doing task for him. If you desire to help a friend, do so in a way that will not bring your friend’s burden upon yourself. The wise leader not the risk of the undertaking but the guarantee of safe repayment. Be careful by impractical plans who think they see ways to force gold to make large earning.

Treat your work like a friend, make yourself like it. Don’t mind because its hard, think what a good house you build, then who cares if the beam is heavy !!

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