The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli

How to be a prince ?

In ancient Italy, its hard to grab power and its a huge issue for power struggle and herritage also for management, Niccolo Machiavelli try to study different people in his year on how to successfully win in the power game.

there are 3 methods when a new ruler come to a city which have already lived their law

1. Destory it

2. go and reside there

3. Suffer it to live under it own law

The person who become a princes by mere good fortunate , he can attain his power with little trouble, but then he will have much trouble to maintain themselves.

When facing loyalty of the local people, remember if the citizen outside the town have procession and got threaten, they will lost patience and that self interest, together will hardship, will make them forget the loyalty.

The main foundation for all states are – Good law + Good army

The Armour of others is too wide , or too strait, it fall off us or to weight us down. Therefore its important to know yourself and choose “your” way. A prince who is ignorant of the military affair, besides other disadvantages can neither be respected by his solider or he cant even trust them. Therefore, he should occupy himself with them even more.Therefore, he need to occupy himself even more in Peace time , he can either do it by practice or by study. From the constant with such through and metal model , it resulted that in actual command no complication he was not prepared for.

A price should disregard the reproach of being cruel where it enable to him to keep his subjected united and obedient. If much much safer to be fear than to be loved.

A prince being love depend on his subject, while when he is being feared is largely upon himself. A wise prince should bild on what is his own and not rest on others reaction / Points of view.

A Prince should have all good qualities but its for more essential that he seems to have them. A normal man is general judged rather by the eye or by his action. A prince is despised when he seem to be fickle, no purpose, unmanly , lack of courage and uncertain. A prince is only in danger in 2 way – either within the respect of his subject or by foregin powers.

When there are other 2 nations in war, its not wise to stand aside and not taking side. Nothing can be less to your advantages than the course which have been recommend as the best / useful of state , to refrain from taking any part of the way, by standing aloof, you will gain neither force / favor but remain prize of the victor. A Price should never place himself at the mercy of others.

When everyone is free to tell you the truth, respect fall short, you can only by choosing certain discreet man from among subject, after hearing, a prince should reflect and judge by himself. This is very similar to the concept of Ray Dalio in the principles, choose few people with believablity, weight their logical argument and make a decision for yourself.

A prince who rest wholly on fortunate is ruined when fortunate change her mind. Fortunate like a woman, who to be kept and more readily mastered by those who treat them by firm in their approach. She favor the young because they are less cautious and get to them fierier !

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