Beyond Religion : Ethics for a Whole World by Dalai Lama

Go beyond one of the biggest conflict in the world

The essence of compassion – alleviate the suffering of others and promote the well being .

Any system / law / procedure can only be effective as the individual responsible for its implementation

Secular is the mutual tolerance and respect of all faiths as well as no faith.

Its important to distinguish between criticism directed at religion itself and those directed at institution of religion.  Ethics and inner values without religious content is like water. We need daily. Ethics and inner value based in religious context are more like tea. We are born free of religion but we are not born free from need of compassion.

There are 2 kind of happiness

1. Satisfaction : It depends on sensory stimulation. If we obsessed with satisfying with craving that produce suffering

2. Inner level – A peace of mind

When our affection is dependent on fulfillment of our own goal and expectation, which we project onto others. As long as others meet our expectation, its fine, but as soon as they don’t, we are easy to become resentment and even hatred.

Having voluntary chose to open yourself to difficulties of others show courage, and courage imparts confident.

Maintain attitude of calmness and non violence imply the indication of strength, as it show confidence from truth and justice from one’s side.

its vital to keep in mind the distinction between doer and deed. Forgiving others has great liberating effect on oneself.

Exercise of discernment, make us relatable to situation in a manner that is realistic, enable us to translate good intention to good outcome. When xaled upon to make a difficult decision, always check your motivation.

Consequence of action are often not within our control. Where we have control is level of motivation and deploying our discernment.

Dishonesty destroy the foundation of other’s trust and is profoundly harmful. Transparency in our dealing is important.

  1. Headfulness : Sense of being careful and attentive
  2. Mindfulness : Awareness of our own pattern of behavior, in-solute through and feeling and learn to let go unhelpful habit / emotion.
  3. Awareness : Ability to be aware our own behavior, action, words as its going on.

Most negative emotion are not destructive in themselves. They become negatives only when their intensity is out of proportion, arise in situation that do not call for.

Destruction emotion feed on themselves, the more they are indulged, the stronger they become. To learn to catch ourselves, its useful to become familiar the way our destructive emotion experience affect us physically.

Practice of Patience : Acceptance of suffering / difficulties only with gentle persistence over an extended period will be real benefits of meditation become apparent. Better to have modest ambition than embark unsustainable program.

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